Adding More Toys Everyday! May 22 2020, 32 Comments

Greetings! While the shop is now open for curbside pickup, we have lots of time to receive fabulous new things. We have so many new toys arriving!

Staying Safe Together May 20 2020, 25 Comments

In these unusual and difficult times, we are thankful to have found ways to share Periwinkle cheer safely. We are so appreciative of your kindness and support.

Save the Paws! June 04 2018, 28 Comments

Help pets and a local Girl Scout Troop!

A Periwinkle Week in Review June 03 2018, 107 Comments

Periwinkle's week included lots of celebrations, new products and learning about new ways to help pets.

SPECIAL EXPERIENCE: Attend the Melissa & Doug Toy Tester Pet Play Experience! June 02 2018, 33 Comments

We're turning our shop into a Toy Testing Lab for one afternoon only!

Friday Night Twilight Starts Tonight! June 01 2018, 31 Comments

Join us from 6-8 pm in the Glendora Village for a fabulous Friday night with bubbles, superheroes and princesses!

Time for Our Favorite Gift Giveaway! November 07 2014, 30 Comments

It's Friday, do you know what that means! Sure, weekends are fabulous, but you're really excited for Periwinkle's Favorite Gift Giveaway. The contest will post at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon-- visit our Facebook page to enter! Just comment before we draw a winner on Monday, November 10 for your chance to win.

Happy National Nachos Day! November 06 2014, 22 Comments

Yay! Today is National Nachos Day. I don't really think anything more needs to be said… I really should be eating nachos instead.

Coca Cola fixes my stud finder November 05 2014, 25 Comments

 So, this isn't exactly the usual Periwinkle post, but I'm super excited and just needed to share. Most of the store is pegboard and hanging up things is a cinch. We can put things up most anywhere (as long as it conforms to the 1 inch grid!). In that little box closet up front, though, there is not pegboard on the walls, though. I went to hang a shelf bracket and realized it would be rather important to hit a stud -- or I might be replastering a wall rather soon!

 I keep my tool boxes all together, easy to find. I'm often going through them, too, but while some things (hammer and Phillips screwdriver) I use most all the time, other things, not so much. Sadly, the stud finder is one of those things that I don't use too often. (Pegboard, remember?) So, I was rather gleeful when digging down to the bottom of the tool bag with my power saw and it's battery pack, I found that stud finder. The glee was short lived however. I don't know how long ago I last used it, I really can't remember using it in this storefront. It wouldn't turn on and I quickly realized it was because the batteries were corroded.

Ack! So sad, right? I packaged up the batteries for the next hazardous waste disposal and turned my attentions to the stud finder. It looked okay ish, but even with new batteries, it just didn't work.

Which is when I turned to the computer. After a little bit of searching, I found that Coca Cola is not just a yummy drink, it also eats right through corrosion. Just love a good multi purpose product! So I set up.

I poured just a little soda into the cup and drank the rest. I didn't need much to work with and activities like this are most always better with refreshments.

Just painted it on! Sort of daintily to be honest, I was afraid everything would get sticky! And then, guess what --

… it works? Woohoo! Now, I just need to hang the shelf bracket.

Are you thinking of holiday gifts? November 04 2014, 21 Comments

 Our selection of message wall hangings, desk blocks and frames are so popular here in the store. All in black and white, they blend well into a variety of decorating styles and there is a message just right for nearly everyone. Whether silly or inspirational, one of these affordable decorations makes a perfect gift. In store, our selection is extensive.

 The Periwinkle team has selected 16 favorites to list here on our website, we hope that you love them!

Periwinkle flooded one month ago today! November 03 2014, 20 Comments

So, I was thinking how fun it is to be decorating for the season and busy with so many guests each day and then I remembered that just one month ago today we had quite a mess! October 3rd a water pipe above our ceiling and below the floor above burst and made quite a yucky mess!

Fortunately, there were lots of people to help! We stayed open out front and now, a month later, everything is as good as new! Thank you to all of you who helped with the clean up and to everyone who visited and shopped while we put it all back together-- I so appreciate you all!

Beautiful Photo Cards from Judith Heinrichs-Harmon November 02 2014, 9 Comments

Just wanted to show you some of the beautiful cards by local photographer Judith Heinrichs-Harmon.

Visit Periwinkle for a full selection of her work!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! November 01 2014, 9 Comments

Halloween may have been just last night, but here at Periwinkle, we're decking the halls. Stop by this week to see the garland go up and the trees be decked. If you stop in at just the right time, there may even be a few Christmas Carols sneaking into the play list! We're elves at heart!

A Not So Scary Halloween Surprise! October 31 2014, 10 Comments

It's time for our Favorite Gift Giveaway! Be sure to visit our Facebook page and comment on our contest post beginning at 2:00 p.m. today! It would be a treat to win our prize. Our drawing is held Monday, November 3 at 12 noon -- enter before we draw.

Trick or Treating in the Glendora Village Friday, October 31st October 30 2014, 8 Comments

It's almost here, the event you've been waiting for nearly all year! Bring your little ghouls and goblins downtown from 10 am - 2 pm on Friday, October 31st for trick or treating fun in the village. Merchants pass out goodies up and down Glendora Avenue and fun photo opportunities are set up in the bus plaza. A perfect Halloween celebration for preschool and elementary school children-- hope to see you here!

Looking for a Last Minute Halloween Decoration? October 29 2014, 8 Comments

Paper pom poms are fast and easy to make! All you need is are a few sheets of orange tissue paper and some green ribbon and you can make our cheery decorations.

You'll need 4 sheets of orange tissue paper. Stack them up and lay them out flat.

Cut through the entire stack, in half the short way, like this:

Put both stacks together. Now it's time to fold! You'll be making accordion style pleats, folding back and forth every inch. It doesn't have to be precise, but the folds should be roughly the same size.

When it is all folded, use scissors to round the edges on both ends. Careful! The paper will be a bit thick.

Now, tie the center, tight. I like to use twine, because it makes a tidy knot.

Now start fluffing up the tissue. You can pull surprisingly hard on the sheets and give it a good crumpling. 

Use the twine to tie on a little piece of ribbon to be the stem and leaves. Then just fluff a bit more. Done!

Halloween Sale October 28 2014, 10 Comments

Need some last minute Halloween decor? A little this or that to finish up your costume? Maybe a scarf -- so you can be a little dressed up, but not all out Halloween? Well, you're in luck. Be it procrastination or thought out strategy, there is now the opportunity for fabulous deals! Periwinkle has a selection of Halloween merchandise now at 40% off-- frighteningly fabulous, no?

Win a Halloween decoration pack! October 03 2014, 8 Comments

Just visit our Facebook page and comment "boo!" beneath the entry post to be entered to win this charming Halloween decoration pack. Included are our tissue paper honeycomb orbs in three sizes and fun kraft paper Happy Halloween garland. You'll be all ready for a Halloween celebration! No purchase necessary, contest ends Monday, October 6th at 12 noon PST.

Win a Gathering of Friends Cookbook! September 26 2014, 38 Comments

Enter on our Facebook page beginning at 2:00 p.m. today to win a gift set from Gathering of Friends. No purchase necessary, just a comment (we're looking for your favorite autumn dinner party dishes!) and you will be all set to win the fifth book in the Gathering of Friends cookbook series, a set of paper placemats and napkins.

Guess who visited us today at Periwinkle? September 22 2014, 2 Comments

This guy did:

That's a Southern Alligator Lizard! He just strolled on in ahead of two other customers and began admiring our Halloween decor. Sadly, we had to ask him to leave. Something he was not too happy about.

So, Southern Alligator Lizards are found throughout California -- as far north as Sacramento. They like chaparral, grasslands, and oak forests. This guy apparently likes historical shopping districts, maybe he was on vacation? I've been fortunate to never run into one before today; while I like wildlife in theory, he was startling big and bites!

Big thanks go to Glendora Village Pets for coming to the rescue with a net and know how. They escorted him to a lovely new home. If you'd like to meet him, please visit Glendora Village Pets -- they've set him up with fantastic new digs and diet heavy on crickets.

45 days till Halloween! September 16 2014, 0 Comments

Do you have a countdown going? There are only 45 more days to prepare -- costumes, decorating, party preparations! I'd love to have you visit Periwinkle to see our a selection of Halloween goodies.

Periwinkle Painting September 15 2014, 1 Comment

So, I've been feeling nostalgic and looking through old photos lately. It seems to happen every once in awhile that you just want to find that one picture of whatever it may be and then an hour passes as you look back, strolling through the photos. Amongst the photos were lots from the Summer of 2005 when Periwinkle was just getting put together. 

Looking through reminded me that with a wee bit of work, really big things can be accomplished. My family helped me put Periwinkle together in just a few weeks -- looking at the starting pictures, it's amazing it all came together.

This is how it started out.

Just cleaned the walls...

a little paint...

made all the difference.

I need to start a project!


We're getting ready for a Talk Like A Pirate Day party September 14 2014, 3 Comments

This Friday night, September 19th, we be celebratin' Talk Like A Pirate Day me hearties. Aye, and if ye want to be participatin' here be some Pirate Talk Tips:


Aye! = yes!

Avast! = stop!

Ahoy! = hello!

Yo ho ho! = a pirate's laughter



ye = you

yer = your or you're

me = my

that = there


Useful Words & Phrases

booty = treasure

me hearty = friend

scallywag = bad person

shipshape = neat and tidy

swab = to clean


Today is National Peanut Day September 13 2014, 0 Comments

Need a reason to celebrate today? It's not just a beautiful Saturday, it's National Peanut Day! Our suggestion for celebrating comes from The Gathering of Friends Cookbooks-- make a batch of delicious Crispy Peanut Butter Squares...