Coca Cola fixes my stud finder November 05 2014, 25 Comments

 So, this isn't exactly the usual Periwinkle post, but I'm super excited and just needed to share. Most of the store is pegboard and hanging up things is a cinch. We can put things up most anywhere (as long as it conforms to the 1 inch grid!). In that little box closet up front, though, there is not pegboard on the walls, though. I went to hang a shelf bracket and realized it would be rather important to hit a stud -- or I might be replastering a wall rather soon!

 I keep my tool boxes all together, easy to find. I'm often going through them, too, but while some things (hammer and Phillips screwdriver) I use most all the time, other things, not so much. Sadly, the stud finder is one of those things that I don't use too often. (Pegboard, remember?) So, I was rather gleeful when digging down to the bottom of the tool bag with my power saw and it's battery pack, I found that stud finder. The glee was short lived however. I don't know how long ago I last used it, I really can't remember using it in this storefront. It wouldn't turn on and I quickly realized it was because the batteries were corroded.

Ack! So sad, right? I packaged up the batteries for the next hazardous waste disposal and turned my attentions to the stud finder. It looked okay ish, but even with new batteries, it just didn't work.

Which is when I turned to the computer. After a little bit of searching, I found that Coca Cola is not just a yummy drink, it also eats right through corrosion. Just love a good multi purpose product! So I set up.

I poured just a little soda into the cup and drank the rest. I didn't need much to work with and activities like this are most always better with refreshments.

Just painted it on! Sort of daintily to be honest, I was afraid everything would get sticky! And then, guess what --

… it works? Woohoo! Now, I just need to hang the shelf bracket.