In need of last minute Labor Day Party decorations? August 28 2014, 0 Comments

Visit Periwinkle to make bunting! Our D.I.Y. Banner Station is quick and easy to use.

A selection of precut pennants are available to choose from. You'll need one for each letter of the words you would like to spell out. If you are covering a lot of room, grab extras for each side.

If you would like colors or patterns not available in a precut pennant, our Accucut machine is available for use. If you purchase your paper here, use is complimentary. You may bring in your own paper or fabric, too! For 50¢ a cut, you can use our machine on product purchased elsewhere. It is as easy as turning a crank, the Accucut cuts perfect pennants already pre punched for stringing.

We have precut letters to spell out your message and circles to mount them on. If you'd like to assemble here at the store, borrow our glue stick and sit down at our crafting table -- we have everything available to complete your project.

After gluing letters to circles and circles pennants, just string together! We suggest colorful baker's twine, sold by the bolt or yard. We have ribbon available for decorative fringe, too. It is sold by the foot so you can get lots of different patterns, textures and colors!