Have You Seen Our Toy Selection? September 09 2014, 0 Comments

Periwinkle loves toys! We have a fabulous selection of Melissa & Doug toys. Melissa & Doug make quality, durable and educational toys and value pricing. They stand behind their product, too -- should something not last as intended, please return it, either here to the store or to the Melissa & Doug customer service team.

Many of the toys feature vintage styling -- crafted from wood to last through years of use. They look like the toys Mom and Dad enjoyed -- or Grandma and Grandpa!


Many feature multiple play options, so that the toy may hold up to extended play time! The packaging helpfully suggests alternative ways to play with the same toy.


We have a selection offered here in our Toys SHOP, a ever-changing representative sampling of the Melissa & Doug line. Or stop by the store to see all that is available!