Looking for a Last Minute Halloween Decoration? October 29 2014, 8 Comments

Paper pom poms are fast and easy to make! All you need is are a few sheets of orange tissue paper and some green ribbon and you can make our cheery decorations.

You'll need 4 sheets of orange tissue paper. Stack them up and lay them out flat.

Cut through the entire stack, in half the short way, like this:

Put both stacks together. Now it's time to fold! You'll be making accordion style pleats, folding back and forth every inch. It doesn't have to be precise, but the folds should be roughly the same size.

When it is all folded, use scissors to round the edges on both ends. Careful! The paper will be a bit thick.

Now, tie the center, tight. I like to use twine, because it makes a tidy knot.

Now start fluffing up the tissue. You can pull surprisingly hard on the sheets and give it a good crumpling. 

Use the twine to tie on a little piece of ribbon to be the stem and leaves. Then just fluff a bit more. Done!