How to Tie a Scarf Like Our Display Scarves September 10 2014, 60 Comments

It's still a wee bit warm here, but very soon the weather will be crisp and cool and we're all going to be looking to bundle up! It's hard to imagine right now, but, soon enough. The perfect item to add a little warmth and style all at once? A scarf! Periwinkle carries a wide selection from gauzy and dreamy to fuzzy and knit, there is sure to be something perfect for every outfit.

Many of our scarves displayed here on and in store are tied in the same way. Our signature knot looks fancy and complicated but is so easy to tie!

Step 1: Start with a longish scarf and fold it directly in half. Drape around your neck so the fold is on one side and the loose ends on the other:

Step 2: Choose one of the two ends and pull it through the loop of the fold. Take hold of fold and pull it away from the end that was brought through:

Step 3: Give this loop a twist. A full twist should separate the fold from the end that had been brought through. Take the other end and pull this through the new loop:

Step 5: Just a little styling, fan the lower end out and give the higher end a little tug towards center before fanning it out as well. You're done! So easy -- if you are careful, this will slip over your head to take it off and can be slipped back on again!